Our Approach

Unique, Simple & Effective

Our mission is to help businesses clarify their goals, objectives and strategy, and then deliver the change that delivers against the business needs. We will always review the options available and suggest the solution options most suited to your needs.

At Solutions Workshop we deliver class-leading service and solutions but without the sales bloat associated with the large consultancies. We tailor our approach to each of our customers and keep our work simple, clear and concise, producing enough material to ensure you make well-placed decisions.

Call us now to arrange a no-obligation consultation, and let us see how we can help.

We spend time with you and your team to understand your business. We conduct analysis appropriate to the project, using simple and carefully considered methods, to be efficient with your time.

Defined objectives focus the scope and help manage expectations, no matter what type of project. We help you prioritise your needs based on the value they add to your business and present you with options and information to empower you to decide how you wish to proceed.

A concise and complete design ensures clarity on every project. Whether the design forms part of a planned activity or a technical product, we use simple visual methods to give you a clear picture of what will be delivered and how.

We take great pride in running implementations that give the business a positive change experience. We are not only talking about getting on well with your team but ensuring your operation avoids costly disruption by providing your team with the engagement, information, training, and materials they require to exploit the solution from day one.

Our work does not end at the point of go-live. We understand the value of being on-hand during the warranty period to provide support when it is required. Equally as important, is being involved in the on-going support and change management processes, ensuring your solution is maintained and adapted as your business grows. We remain on-hand and at your service.